“Lokumsbogen 2017”, fun fact book by Sten Wijkman Kjærsgaard and Ole Knudsen (paperback).


Gyldendals Forlag, Denmark 2016


Book cover design and cover illustration


The publication of Lokumsbogen 2017 (Eng. transl. The Toilet Book) marks 18 years in a row. And as usual it offers a generous collections of quirky facts and fun but useless information. Over time the process of creating the book cover has evolved into a sort of game. In this way the editor gives me a cue, a word or an image, that must be taken into the design of the book cover. It hasn’t yet failed to spark a handful og good ideas. This year I was handed an image of Shakespeare to be included on the front. Being a toilet book and all … well, I didn’t think twice. And the rest is history. Five different images were used and tweaked to make the final result.