Good book design

A successful book cover will capture the essence of the book with a simple idea. And it should make you want to stop and take a closer look. I’m a freelance graphic designer specializing in book design. On this website you’ll see samples of my work. I invite you to contact me if you feel stuck and need fresh ideas for a book cover.

What I offer you

What to expect
Rest assured that I have a grip on the small things as well as the big picture. I have extensive experience with both the technical and creative parts of book production. Whenever possible, I read the manuscript for the book. I’ll be asking a lot of questions and I’ll listen a lot. And I keep working at it until you’re satisfied with the result. Take a look at some examples of my work in the portfolio.

Who I am
Although I have been working with book design for more than 25 years, my enthusiasm for books is unchanged. When collaborating, I bring humor and kindness to the table. You can read the rest of my profile here.


Hay House Lindhardt og Ringhof Biosa Danmark BoD Gyldendal

Professional recommendations:

Through many years of collaboration, Mons has solved countless assignments regarding book covers and book designs for me, both with his clear insight and great understanding for solutions – and to the satisfaction of the authors and the editor.
Arvid Honoré, Book Editor
Working with Mons is a pleasure because he is both professional and a nice and positive person. He listens carefully to what you have in mind as a client, and it’s easy to talk things over. And last but not least, the assignments are completed within the agreed time frame.
Kirsten Jehg Andersen, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Biosa Denmark
I’ve worked together with Mons for more than 20 years. What keeps surprising me is that his book covers never turn out the way I expect. Danish book covers are generally quite predictable, but Mons is one of a kind and has international quality.
Ole Knudsen, Editorial Development Manager, Gyldendal
As a start-up self-publisher of my first crime novel - in a jungle of providers - I researched a handful of graphic designers for help with the book cover. The choice was easy. No one possessed as attentive, professional and curious an approach to my project as Mons.
Marianne Monteau, writer and M.D.
When it's time to make the book cover, Mons is incredibly creative and extremely good at creating a cover that clearly communicates to the reader what type of book it is. Most often, the cover will have this extra twist that catches the reader's attention.
Anne Egede, writer and publisher, Forlaget Bellis