“Om teenagere (for forældre)”, non-fiction book by Fie Hørby and Elin Vilhelmsen (softcover with flaps).


Schønberg, Denmark 2008


Book cover design


Om teenagere (for forældre) is not so much a book about teenagers, as a helping hand for parents to understand that teenagers don’t all of a sudden become impossible – it just feels impossile to be a teenager at times. Teenagers are still children who are on their way, so despite everything they need to feel supported while at the same time finding their own ways to deal with life.”


Do you know that urge, when in the company of a teenager, you want to cuddle them and smack them at the same time? This book is an instruction manual for parents of teenagers. What an unselfish act of kindness! I wanted to show all of that on the book cover. I used days looking at stock photos. I wanted to capture the inner turmoil and the ambiguity of teenagers but I couldn’t quite flesh it out. It wasn’t until a colleague of mine advised me to look to the young Danish photographers, I found the work of Liv Carlé Mortensen. And exactly the image I was looking for.